Welcome to my professional photography website. I am specialized and focused mainly on Architectural Photography, Architectural interiors, exteriors ,  onsite industrial photography & Landscape photography.

M.A, in Architecture in 2003, my base knowledge and interest of architectural photography comes from many years of experience and service in the design, construction & project management field related to spaces, enviroments and entire buildings.

In 2015 I left the standard coorporate architectural environment to persue a so much desired independant career. Since then it is the best and happiest choice I have ever made.

Within this major life shift I have in time developed a creative yet professional service, tailored specifically to:
Architectural Corporate Photography, Construcion Site Photography, Multiple Residential Photography, Industrial Photography and Cultural Heritage Photography.

My personal vision of  architecture and nature is the outcome of an ongoing evolution and analysis between geometrical man built structures and its natural containing environment, which I love to observe, question and see from different possible directions. 

Here you will also be able to purchase a selection of large Landscape and Nature photography prints or Urban Abstract Architectural Photos. You may see more here about Fine Art Prints .

I am based in Rome,  Italy available for relocation depending on the service required. You may get in contact for any inquiry, I will get back to you in a timely manner

Thank you
Fabio De Farro
Architectural Photographer